Sunday, December 28, 2014

New monster paintings

I had a little break from these but I enjoyed making them so much, I thought I'd make some more! I keep getting asked when I'm going to put creatures in my own landscapes, though.

War of the Worlds, 20x18". Available.

Charging Neushoorn, 21x30". Available.

I was inspired by Peter Jackson's Oliphants in the Lord of the Rings films. But these are rhinos. Totally different.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oils Oct-Dec 2014

It's been fantastic getting back into landscape painting these past few months. More recently I've been starting the painting on location and doing more of the work in the studio at home.

Heidelberg Park, 3x2 feet. Available.
Looking over Burgundy St towards the historical society building.

Rosanna Convent. 16x12" Available.

View from Banyule Rd. 23x20" Available.

Warringal swamp. 17x23" Available.

Banyule oval. 30x20" Available.

Here's a comic I made after painting this one:

NSW Holidays September, 2014

Painting in Tea gardens, on Nelsen Bay.

WARNING Submarine cable, 14x11". Available.

Hawks Nest bridge, 16x12". Available.

This one of the boats I'm still working on. Since every time I set up on location it started raining on me!

Tea Gardens docks, 16x12"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oil paintings April 2014

A portrait of my 3yo wearing his hand-made woolen pants. He dubbed them 'Monster pants.' 20x24"

By Salt creek, on Beverly Dve, looking towards Heidelberg park, 18x24". Available.

Thought I had a nice quiet spot until the ANZAC day parade came right past:

Painting with the Sketch Melbourne En Plein Air group, down at the Fairfield boathouse on a cloudy day.

Looking east from the top of a lonely hill, very early in the morning. Over Plenty River Heidelberg.
14x10". Available.

 Another smallish one, a large old tilting gum out the back of our place in Heidelberg, along the aptly named River Gum walk. The kids came out to see the work in progress:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monsters on op-shop landscapes

The title says it all! I saw someone doing this but it was years ago and I have no idea who it was. More to come.

Dinosaur Roar. 27x18" Original by Mr. Fields.
The idea for this is courtesy of Mr. Brad Thompson.

Duck vs Dragon 17x13".
OK, so this one's not a landscape but it's still a genuine op-shop painting. With June Morris. Available.

Bushmech.  12x18". Original by Don Brown. Available.

Colossus. With Roma Hall. 20x16". Available.

Monster likes mutton. With Robert S Anderson. 18x14". Available.

Swamp monster! 25x18", and the original, in all it's 1970 colour-sceme-glory.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paintings February 2014

A painting a week- my second month!

The bridge at Banyule creek, main Yarra trail. 18x14"

Top of Banyule Rd, looking over the horse club. 30x21" Available.

St John's Anglican Church, Heidelberg. My Workplace! 28x22". Available.
I come back about 7 different mornings but here's a couple of stages I went through:

An overcast morning: Heidelberg Park. 14x11". Available.
There was still smoke in the air from the recent fires, so the sun came up over the trees an eerie orange.

At Midday on the Yarra, near Banyule tennis club. 15x18". Available.
It was hot work painting this!
I found the frame at an op shop in Eltham. A perfect fit, after I chopped up the painting a bit.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Abbotsford Convent

Painting with the Sketch Melbourne group. I think this is the St Mary building. I only had 1 1/2 hours so I had to work fast and small!

10 x 8"

Painting in illustrious company- Kevin Boyd, esteemed Melbourne art teacher

Monday, January 13, 2014

Banyule Flats, January 2014

Some work from January 2014 around Heidelberg.
This year I'm going to try for a painting every week.

Near Possum Hollow 20x24". Available.

Possum Hollow detail 

Viewbank Silos 20x24"

Dead trees, Banyule Flats. 16"x20". Available.

Banyule Creek, near Buckingham Dve. 16"x20". Available.

Main Yarra Trail, looking up to Banyule homestead. 16"x20"