Monday, July 16, 2007

Young, NSW

Painted on 2 consecutive mornings in the park opposite where we were staying.

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst

I got a bigger audience for this one at 6 am than for any other painting. Must be the friendly country folk. The owner of the local B&B then decided to buy it from me, which almost paid for our accommodation.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Around The Rocks, Sydney.

Chowder Bay & Governor's House, Sydney

On a cliff above a cafe called Ripples. My biggest struggle here was with the rocks in the foreground.

David Costello and I trekked over to the Governor's house with our paint boxes. Eventually security told us to leave. Does a palette knife count as a weapon?

George's Heights

In 2006 the George's Heights campus of Julian Ashtons was upkept, inhabited and mostly taught by Robert Dujin, who taught me everything I know about landscape painting.

That's a sculpture of a walrus in the foreground:

Hunter Valley


Still life 1

Things for washing brushes in.

Still life 2

Still life 3

Girl statue with jar





Alternate title: "At Home"




Apple 45x40cm

That thing behind the apple is a wooden ball. The things you find lying around an art school.

After Melendez 1

Made in the 'forgery class' on Thursdays with Frank Giacco. After the brilliant Spanish still-life artist, Louis Melendez.


Nude 1 45x60cm


Nude 2 65x50cm


Nude 3


Nude 4

You'd look bored too if you had to sit still for 5 hours, 10 Fridays in a row.

70x50 cm

Self Portrait 45x35cm

One of my less serious-looking portraits.