Friday, November 14, 2014

Oils Oct-Dec 2014

It's been fantastic getting back into landscape painting these past few months. More recently I've been starting the painting on location and doing more of the work in the studio at home.

Heidelberg Park, 3x2 feet. Available.
Looking over Burgundy St towards the historical society building.

Rosanna Convent. 16x12" Available.

View from Banyule Rd. 23x20" Available.

Warringal swamp. 17x23" Available.

Banyule oval. 30x20" Available.

Here's a comic I made after painting this one:

NSW Holidays September, 2014

Painting in Tea gardens, on Nelsen Bay.

WARNING Submarine cable, 14x11". Available.

Hawks Nest bridge, 16x12". Available.

This one of the boats I'm still working on. Since every time I set up on location it started raining on me!

Tea Gardens docks, 16x12"