Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paintings February 2014

A painting a week- my second month!

The bridge at Banyule creek, main Yarra trail. 18x14"

Top of Banyule Rd, looking over the horse club. 30x21" Available.

St John's Anglican Church, Heidelberg. My Workplace! 28x22". Available.
I come back about 7 different mornings but here's a couple of stages I went through:

An overcast morning: Heidelberg Park. 14x11". Available.
There was still smoke in the air from the recent fires, so the sun came up over the trees an eerie orange.

At Midday on the Yarra, near Banyule tennis club. 15x18". Available.
It was hot work painting this!
I found the frame at an op shop in Eltham. A perfect fit, after I chopped up the painting a bit.