Monday, July 18, 2016

200 year old gum

On the Plenty River Trail behind the Viewbank silos, there's this ancient tree crawling its way into the morning air.


The path is on the ridge that comes up from the Plenty River, on the bank opposite Rosanna golf course. The ground slopes away sharply from the trail, so the tree almost looks like it's leaning away from the slope.

The trail is popular in the mornings with cyclists, joggers, or people just out for a stroll with the dog. One older gentleman stopped to chat. He wanted me to know that he has spoken to an arborist who was assessing the tree for the local council. He has estimated that the tree was over 200 years old.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Price park, Viewbank

Seems like there's a few of these fallen logs lying around in parks near my place. They almost look like they're alive:

Long fallen, 15x30in

Some process images:

And here's one I started earlier and gave up on: