Saturday, September 24, 2011

This church house was painted from a photo and a sketch I made in country NSW. I can't even remember where I was! Painted in 2010.

This was painted near our house in Heidelberg, 2010

Early morning farm scene near Mollymook, NSW.


Arthur said...

Hi Rene, I love the bleed effects in your impressionistic paintings like these ones (like you've overpainted the sky or something?). It's really wonderful! Thank you for posting!


Rene Pfitzner said...

Hey, thanks Arthur! I just noticed you'd made a comment! Yeah, I like to paint dark underneath for the sky and dab a lighter layer of paint on top. This sometimes bleeds over into the middle and background to get a softer edge. I don't want to get a hard edge on too many objects in the painting, it creates too many focal points.